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  • Can You Buy a Headstone Online?

    By: Adam Reeson
    Even before the pandemic, virtually every industry has been impacted in some way or another by the internet. An obvious example is everyday retail with the emergence of Amazon as a dominant player. But, even small niche industries have been forever changed in the digital age, including cemetery headstones and memorials.
    A Slow Change
    I first started in the retail monument industry in 2009. At that tim...

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  • Genealogy and Grave Markers

    By: Adam Reeson
    Through collaborative online research using sites such as, many families have discovered that the grave markers of distant relatives may be in need of restoration, replacement or in some cases - marked for the first time.
    Since we opened for business in 2017, we've seen a growing number of our sales coming from these types of situations. Regardless if their loved one passed away 50 or 100 years a...

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  • All About Historic Regina Cemetery

    By: Adam Reeson
    For anyone who loves history as much as I do, cemeteries can seem like more of an outdoor museum than a creepy graveyard, as they are sometimes portrayed in movies.
    Foremost of the 'outdoor museums' in the Queen City is located on the corner of 4th Avenue and Broad Street - Historic Regina Cemetery.
    History of Regina Cemetery
    Many are surprised to learn that even before Regina officially became ...

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  • All About Riverside Cemetery in Regina

    By: Adam Reeson
    As a headstone company in Regina, Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery is a place we visit often. This modern, park-style cemetery in the south-east end of Regina, Saskatchewan is a tranquil resting place for thousands of Queen City  citizens - including my own family. Given how special this cemetery is to us both personally and professionally, our latest blog post is All About Riverside Cemetery in Regina.

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  • Future Planning & Headstone Design

    By: Adam Reeson
    Certainly, most of us did not see this epidemic coming, and as a result, COVID has left us feeling unprepared.
    Financially and emotionally, people have scrambled to weather the storm brought on by COVID-19. Unfortunately for some, this has meant dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one.
    Regardless if the deceased were elderly or in the prime of their life, the Coronavirus has made everyone take ...

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  • 5 Headstones for Hockey Players

    By: Adam Reeson
    With the NHL on a COVID hiatus this fall, many Canadian hockey fans have taken the opportunity to reflect on the great history of the game. Given my passion for hockey history and memorialization, a blog post about headstones for hockey players is long overdue. And, given the excitement of the news that the NHL is expected to return in the new year, this is a good time to share 5 Headstones for Hockey Players:

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  • Oh Canada! – A Salute to Canadian Granites

    By: Adam Reeson
    Ah, the Great White North. The land of polite manners, hockey and... uh... Justin Bieber.
    We are humble people by nature and rarely like to brag about all that we have to offer. Generally, this is an admirable trait. However, sometimes this can result in the rest of the world and frankly ourselves taking Canada for 'granite'.
    Bad puns aside, as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the Canadian economy,...

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  • Recreation and Remembrance

    By: Adam Reeson
    I've often said that the city of Regina, Saskatchewan is an underrated place to live. The cost of living is reasonable, the people are nice... and oh ya its also the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders!
    But beyond all of that, one of the best parts of the city is at times under-appreciated. Wascana Park is one of the largest urban parks in Canada. As the weather warms up in the Spring, thousands take a walk,...

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  • Pandemics of the Past – Remembering the Spanish Flu

    By: Adam Reeson
    As the citizen's of Saskatchewan come to grips with the COVID19 (Coronavirus), it can be difficult to decide how to handle the situation.
    Should we continue our day-to-day lives as we always do? Do we take mild precautions, such as rigorous hand washing? Or, should we hibernate indoors and isolate ourselves from society?
    Certainly, there is no obvious answer to those questions. How we handle the Corona...

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  • 5 Headstones For Famous Athletes

    By: Adam Reeson
    No matter if you were a basketball fan or not, the recent death of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was shocking news. Passing away at such a young age, we are left feeling sad that he died far too soon with much more to give.
    Memorial gestures and services have taken place across the sports and entertainment world. At some point, there will likely be a significant monument or statue erected to pay perma...

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  • "Adam was excellent during this process, lots of communication so we always knew where things were at. He did a beautiful job for our family"
    Broadview, Saskatchewan
  • "Our experience with Frontier Monuments and Adam was exceptional in a difficult time for the family. Adam was prompt and professional and communicated with me every step of the way. We asked for a bit of a customized monument and Adam worked with me without hesitation to get the look we wanted. The end result is exactly what we hoped for. I recommend Adam and his company without hesitation."
    Emerald Park, Saskatchewan
  • "We are all so pleased with the marker. It turned out exactly how we wanted and the install looks great. Thanks again for working with us. I know it has been a bit challenging given the distance between us but the end product was spot on."
    British Columbia
  • "Hi Adam, Thank you for all you did for our family. We had the burial on Sunday and the stone looks amazing. It is more than I could have asked for."
  • "Hey Adam. Thanks for everything you did to get everything done and finished for us. Impressive job. Thanks very much."
    Nokomis, Saskatchewan
  • "Thank you for all your help with the grave marker, I am so pleased! You have a kind and tender heart and I appreciate your patience with me. Thanks again for everything."
  • "I was able to stop by the cemetery and see the monument. It looks great! I am very happy with it and I'm sure the rest of the family members will be too. Thank you for all you're assistance in helping with this step. I will be sure to recommend you to others."
    Estevan, Saskatchewan
  • "Adam was recommended to me by a Regina funeral home. Adam was professional, sensitive and very prompt in his communications with me. As winter settled in he needed to delay the completion of the cleaning and refused my payment offer until the job was completed. Sadly, I lost my Mother in Regina over Christmas and again I reached out to Adam for a marker for her. He was so compassionate and understanding, taking care to listen and hear what my sister and myself wanted and lead us through this process. Even though I am not in Saskatchewan and due to the present situation have no ability to be there anytime soon Adam ensured the marker was created and laid the week before Mother's Day. He then sent pictures to me. So very thoughtful. "
    British Columbia
  • "Through this tough process, Adam was nothing but kind and caring. This stuff is not easy but Adam and his team took care of everything and made life a little easier for my family. I definitely recommend Frontier Monuments."
    Raymore, Saskatchewan
  • "Adam is exceptionally knowledgeable, professional and compassionate in every way possible. There was a calmness in the room when we met with him. There were many possibilities put forth and no pressure whatsoever was put upon us to purchase anything. Once advised the monument was in place and we viewed it, the quality was impeccable and there are no words to describe how beautiful the monument is. My daughter and I highly recommend Adam to anyone in need of his services. Thank you Adam."
    Regina, Saskatchewan
  • "Beautiful work... thank-you so much. Glad to have this done now. We appreciate your hard work and dedication."
    Qu'appelle, Saskatchewan
  • "Adam at Frontier Monuments was very good to deal with. He met with us to discuss possibilities and he made knowledgeable and helpful suggestions. He was sensitive to our needs and all information given was clearly explained. The memorial plaque was prepared and installed on time and met all of our expectations--it was beautifully done."
    Regina, Saskatchewan
  • "Thank you very much for the great work and service that you provided for our family. I will certainly recommend you to anybody I know that needs your services."
    Regina, Saskatchewan
  • "Professional, very personable. Extremely knowledgeable. Great prices and service. The marker I wanted was done to perfection. I highly recommend this company."
    Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • "I wanted a unique headstone for a unique person. I created a custom design with the guidance from Adam Reeson. This was all done via the Internet since I do not live in the province in which it was to be installed. Adam cheerfully assisted me through the process with numerous suggestions of ways to improve the appearance and to cut costs. All of my numerous questions were very quickly responded to without my feeling like I was imposing on him. The result is a unique, beautiful, and everlasting tribute of which I am very proud. Thank you Adam."
    British Columbia
  • "My family and I went to see the marker today, it looks perfect! My family said to thank you for your fine service."
    Regina, Saskatchewan
  • "A pleasure to deal with, quote was very well priced and the job was done to perfection and on time. A fitting memorial to my Canadian relatives. Adam made time to meet with us when we were in Regina so we could personally thank him for a job well done. We would gladly endorse this business. "
  • "You were a pleasure to work with Adam and we thank you for everything you did for us, especially being a province away and doing everything via phone and email, much appreciated!"
    Red Deer, Alberta
  • "Thank you so much for the beautiful monument, everyone who has seen it is very impressed, as we are. Our Daughter was very impressed with you and your crew and the job you did. Thank you"
    Norquay, Saskatchewan
  • "Adam professionally presented the products and options available. His samples were very helpful in picturing the final pillow style monument. He provided several practical suggestions with lots of detail showing his great product knowledge. He impressed me by taking our unique request and perfectly capturing it in Granite. Adam provided exceptional service and was very patient with all of my questions, thanks Adam! I highly recommend Frontier Monuments, the service and value he delivers honours the life of your loved one."
    Regina, Saskatchewan

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